Hello film and music fans, Ros filming here.
Right now I’m standing on Postdamer Platz,
which is in the very center of Berlin.
And just a short walk away from the famous landmark, The Brandenburg Gate.
Since 2000, the Postdamer Platz has been homed to Berlin International Film Festival,
and the theatre just around the corner from here, as known as the Berlinale Palast,
where all the big European and world premieres take place,
so I want to go and show this to you guys.
I’m standing on Marlene Dietrich Palast,
named of course after the famous German actress.
And what you can see right behind me,
is the Berlinale Palast.
Now, it's very quiet at the moment,
but later tonight there’ll be lots of screaming fans when all the film stars step onto the red carpet.
Now, of course, the film industry isn’t all just glamour and red carpet,
there is a lot of hard work involved before a film can be shown on the silver screen.
One of the reason I'm here in Berlin,
it’s because I got a couple of meetings to attend,
which will all be taking place in the European film market.
Now it’s freezing cold out here in Berlin,
but luckily this badge is going to give me a free ride in one of these nicely heated shuttles.
I’m inside the Gropius Building now,
and you can see behind me there’re tons of meetings going on.
It's quite an impressive architecture of the building.
Beautiful ceiling, I hope you can see that,
so that’s where the film market is.
That’s it for now from the Berlin Film Festival.
I hope you had fun watching this little video,
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Bye for now.